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Petzl Nomic
Ice climbing tool with ergonomic handle.

Now, with the NOMIC, climbers can ascend ice with the fluidity and freedom of rock climbing. A high performance tool perfect for all climbers.

Three ways to grip the handle.
Weight is distributed towards the tip of the pick: efficient swing, powerful striking and precise placements.
Pick designed to correspond to the handle's multiple grips:
each grip position corresponds to a specific tooth on the pick for increased holding power,
geometry is engineered to reduce pick shift when changing hand positions,
stable placements.
Grip size can be adjusted: three positions to accommodate different hand sizes or glove combinations.
GRIPTAPE on the upper handle provides better grip and thermal insulation.
Pick weights can be removed to lighten tool.
Technical specifications
ASTRO pick included
Shaft: type T
Length: 48 cm
CE / UIAA - 635 g

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